Department of Developmental Services (DDS) : ​

The California Department of Developmental Services provides services and support to individuals with developmental disabilities. Many useful links can be accessed from this website from autism resources to provider information.

Department of Developmental Services (DDS) (YouTube video) : ​

The DDS YouTube channel provides many useful instructional, wellness, and safety videos.

Consumers Guide to the Lanterman Act : ​

This user-friendly guide explains consumers' rights under the Lanterman Act.

Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) : ​

The RCEB website has contact information and useful links for individuals and their families.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) : ​

The CDC website includes helpful health and safety topics and other useful links.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) (YouTube video) : ​

The CDC YouTube channel provides videos demonstrating proper health and safety techniques.

Contra Costa County Food Bank : ​

The Contra Costa County Food Bank website has helpful details and location information.

Contra Costa Health Services : ​

The Contra Costa Health Services site provides information on medical centers, mental health, and public health programs and services.

Contra Costa County ​Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) : ​

The HEAP site provides an important assistance program for low income and/or developmentally disabled individuals.

Department of Rehabilitation : ​

The Department of Rehabilitation website has important vocational rehabilitation, mobility, and other disability services information.

California Department of Social Services (CDSS)/CalFresh : ​

The CDSS website has the application and information on the CalFresh Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps).